Advisor on private wealth

Our aim is to help you tackle a global approach on private and professional wealth. We consider it our duty to carefully respect your desires without any judgement. We will do our best to help you organize your finances but also the transfer of goods.

Discovering the client :

Firstly, we will take the time to understand your current situation (taking into account your personal and family situation, your professional one, but also your budget). We will also carefully study your wealth, your various taxes, keeping in mind your preoccupations, your will to take some risks and of course, your goals.

Analyzing and Advising :

By studying every aspect of your current situation, we will go through a diagnosis phase in which we will study your strengths and weaknesses. Then, we will create a strategy according to your needs that we will submit to you. If we feel the need to, we can also complete our sets of recommendations with some other advices or investments ideas and sometimes, legal insights.

Partnership :

Our role is to guide you through all the processes leading to the accomplishment of your goals. We might need some legal help coming from the outside with people that are qualified to crystallize your ambition with the perfect legal frame. Our duty is to explain why we have decided to go in that specific direction. We can also help you seek for some financial products that we will not market ourselves. The short-terms decisions are counterproductive when it comes to wealth management. Choosing a long-term alternative is the key towards the building of trust between us both.

Some complex issues :

The enrichment of households and the complexity of wealth situation have both raised a growing number of questions. To all of that, you can also add the “legal fog”, the new regulations (which sometimes go to the opposite direction of what you wish for), the financial markets that never stop fluctuating. Because of it, it can be really tricky for you to know if you are capitalizing on your wealth in the best way possible.

The whole situation can be paradoxical. You can feel both really surrounded by an army of professionals (banker, accountant, lawyer, notary) and at the same time very lonely, facing some questions you did not even really take the time to consider. We do not claim to have all the sets of skills of every single specialist listed above but what we can assure you is that we will carefully pay attention to what you are telling us. As we've already explained, we will do our best to fulfill your dreams without making a personal stand on moral and legal consequences it might lead to.

Every question has a solution and we will never focus on tax advantages at the expense of what you are really seeking.
It should never be the case while taking your final decision.

Our advices will raise questions belonging to very specific fields:
– Civil laws (matrimonial regime, testamentary disposition, consequences of a divorce, guardianship, protected persons, etc…)
– Social laws (retirement, employee savings, foresight, tax optimization for directors' remuneration, … )
– Insurance laws (life insurance, endowment contract, etc…)
– International laws for expatriates management
– Asset management (UCITS, complex financial products, PEA, custody account, etc...)
– Accountability and finances for company directors.

To conclude, the management of wealth concerns each and every single one of you because in the end, it is essentially a question of family protection and security of wealth.

Romuald PERNY

Advisor on private and company management of wealth.
Advisor on tax and wealth strategy for entrepreneurs.
Graduate form Rennes and Bordeaux IV universities.