An insurance broker firm is first and foremost an insurance intermediary that has strictly no direct capitalistic nor legal ties with an insurance company. It does not represent a brand either.

nsurance broker choses by himself, the companies he wants to work with./p>

so chooses the companies that offers a range of products that matches its clients’ needs. That is why all the insurance brokers do not offer the same contracts.

Besides, that is also the reason why you will find numerous “specialized brokers”. Each of them claims they have specials skills at handling loans insurance, construction insurance, navigation insurance, transport insurance, etc.


There are also “general insurance brokers”, just like we are, meaning we work with a wide range of companies and we hedge almost every single field of activities. Our goal is to be able to answer the major parts of our clients’ requests


We still have a specialty though, which is not really common for a broker from Normandy :

In 2003 we created an insurance contract providing daily indemnities in case of accident for the ski instructors. We thereby protect more than 300 ski instructors working for the ESF, ESI but even independent ones across the hexagon.

We exercise our business under the legal form of a SARL. We own our commercial independence, allowing us to help you chose the best insurance contract.


Because every client is different and it goes the same way for the contracts, the prices or even the guarantees, an insurance broker will stand by your side to respond to your needs and inquiries, thus taking into account the specificities of your situation (all of it before even picking a contract). Very often, we have to deal with the “false” expectations of the client when it comes to an insurance broker firm. Our mission is to look for the insurance company that will respond to your inquiries and your needs, under your own terms and then dealing with the price. That may appear as surprising to you, but the price that will suit you is actually not very difficult to find, the most difficult thing is to pick the contract that will comply with your requirements and personal situation.


Too often, we read on websites or leaflets, that your broker is the one who will search what is best for you, at the best price, with the best choice inside the best offer. In short, that he is a magician sent to Earth to find a contract that never existed! We know it, if you believe it, you are lying to yourselves.

Our job is to make sure we will respond to your needs under your own terms and we will use all our skills and knowledge to make it happen.