Durand Courtage is a brokerage firm specialised in mortgage loans. Its job is to assist the borrower, helping in the process of finding the best financing for the project.


The presentation of a credit dossier or the negotiation process with banks both require a network and a know-how, which are two foundations to meet success in creating a project quickly and under the best terms possible.


Tenant or landlord, we are paying attention to help you find the best financing solutions. If you want to invest in a construction project, renovate a house, buy something brand new, we will help you with all the details, thus offering the solution that will suit your expectations. Same thing if you need to renegotiate your loan or to pay off your mortgage.


Besides, that is also the reason why you will find numerous “specialized brokers”. Each of them claims they have specials skills at handling loans insurance, construction insurance, navigation insurance, transport insurance, etc.

Today, we have numerous bank clients who come to us when they need to borrow money. We do all the work thus offering rates (even if we sometimes need to deal with their own banks) that allow them to really save up money. These savings includes the rates, the guaranties, the application fees but also the insurance pricing.


Our commitments :

– We analyse your situation (in our offices or even at your own place). Following this free and confidential study, we will be able to put together a mortgage dossier, helping you all along the way.

– We collaborate with various types of banks (general and specialized).

– We select the most interesting offers. – We negotiate the loan insurances in case of death, inability to work, loss of a job.

Everything is here to testify of the quality of the service we offer.