Advices on wealth and tax strategies for entrepreneurs

Focus on wealth management : plan a strategy to transfer wealth

To plan : its means projecting yourself through times, think ahead to prepare tomorrow. Organizing is a way to make things simpler. To really be sure that your project is working, you have to give it time.

May it be a simple donation or inter vivos distribution, tax advantages are immediate, not sufficient enough to define a real strategy though. Yet we cannot prevent tax from orienting the strategy.


- tax is both a constraint and a technique,

- family context is a variable with strengths and weaknesses,

- legal techniques are tools.


Planification relies on a method but also on a person that has to focus on three main goals :

- protect the family harmony

- secure the techniques that are used,

- trying to make the whole as cheap as possible.


Goal n°1 :

The exercise is far from being easy to formulate.


The “architect” has to rank, file and reformulate to be able to extract the guiding principle which will be the fundamental goal, the one that prevail over the rest.


That is the most important step, which explains its time-consuming form. Once at that level of understanding, you will see the difference between a strategist and a technician... That's the art of unveiling the true potential of a person.

Goal n°2 :

This will be the analysis of the situation taking into account the defined objective.


Goal n°3 :

It is the time for solutions and strategies in order to reach the goal. The techniques are colliding, intertwining to serve a long-term purpose.

Then you have to know how to surround yourself :


We can help you define goal n°1, sum up goal n°2 and find solutions to reach goal n°3.


The finalization of your project cannot be completed without a notary, who masters all the techniques and have the knowledge in terms of failures and successes.

Sometimes you will also need a lawyer.

It's the accumulation of skills and experiences that will fulfill your dreams.


You should never lose sight of the fact that among all the solutions, you will probably never be as satisfied as you would have expected, because there is no solution that is self-sufficient.

The key is to adapt. It is a field in which all the possibilities are never established in advance, the human factor is the one that will shape it all.


Some of the extracts are directly taken from the 108th Congress of French Notaries which took place in Montpellier.